Smart Door Locks

Make your smartphone the key to unlocking your door with Skyline Smart Door Lock. Along with keyless entry using a code, our electronic door lock lets you unlock your doors using your mobile app. Simply, see who is at your front door with our doorbell camera and let them in by connecting with your home security app. You will also receive instant updates when the status of your door changes, adding an extra level of security to your home protection plan. Get in touch with Skyline to learn more about our smart door lock installation and monitored home security systems.

Protect Your Home

34% of burglars use the front door, secure yours with our smart door lock system.

Let in Visitors

Allow visitors entry into your home by unlocking your door via your smartphone app.

Receive Alerts

Set up your system to automatically notify you whenever the status of your thermostat changes.

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What did I forget?

How many times have you left you home and wondered “did I forget to lock the door”? Our lives are so busy remembering everything we need when we leave the house that simple tasks like remembering if you locked the front door can be stressful. With Smart Locks you can not only make sure your doors are locked, but also control your thermostat, turn off lights, and arm your security alarm from your phone app.

Where are my keys?”

Smart Locks eliminate the need to open your front door with keys while carrying your groceries. Just enter in a pin code and you will have secure keyless access to your home. Smart Locks will even turn on lights and adjust your temperature as soon as you walk in the door.

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Service Middle Image

Who’s coming and going?

Smart Locks can be programmed with 30 unique access codes to allow every member of the family the ability to come and as go as needed. You will never need to leave a hidden spare key, plus Smart Locks will give you the ability to track who is coming and going at any given time.

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