Smart Thermostat

Upgrade your current thermostat with a smart thermostat from Skyline to allow complete remote control of all climate settings through an app on your phone. Your smart thermostats can be programmed to achieve the most efficient settings to save you money on climate control, either directly from your home keypad or while you are away from home through the phone app. You can even program custom alerts to notify you when the temperature in your house exceeds a high or low range setting. Contact Skyline for more information on smart thermostats and other automation products to determine what best suits your needs.

Remote Control

Adjust, automate, schedule, and monitor your home’s temperature from your mobile phone or computer.

Adjust As Needed

Make adjustments to your thermostat from anywhere using all of your connected devices.

Receive Alerts

Set up your system to automatically notify you whenever the status of your thermostat changes.

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“Why is it so hot in here?”

Smart Assistant will keep your house temperature exactly where you want it through the use of in-home sensors, geolocation, and local climate information. Smart Assistant will automatically adjust your thermostat settings both when you are at home or away to save you energy and money. It does the thinking for you!

A smart home deserves a smart thermostat.

A Skyline Smart Thermostat works in full complement with your smart home. You will have the ability to not only control your home climate settings, but also your security cameras, door locks, and garage door directly from the same phone app.

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Tasteful design.

While we know complete control is the most important aspect of your smart home, we also provide equipment that is tastefully designed to blend with your home décor. Easy to read displays on your smart Thermostat provide your current and target temperatures at a glance.

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