Google Home

With Google Home, you can use voice commands from different family members to adjust and operate all smart home devices. Google Home is an efficient and easy way to make sure your home is convenient, secure, and comfortable through simple voice commands.

Touch surface for volume control and mute button to put Google Home’s microphones on standby.

Integrated high-excursion speaker delivers crystal-clear highs and rich bass for hi-fi sound.

The Google Home has the Google Assistant built in. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help.

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An easier way to tackle your day.

Google Assistant is a convenient way to enhance your daily tasks, manage your smart home, or your commute to work through Google Home. You can ask questions, listen to radio stations and podcasts, set reminders, and many other tasks you manually perform on a daily basis. You can even place phone calls to anyone in the U.S. and Canada.

Add the power of Google to your home controls

With Google Assistant you will have hands free access to the power of the internet from anywhere in your home. All you need to say is “Hey Google”, and you will be able to adjust the temperature of your home without the need to go to your thermostat. Or you can access Google Search or Google Maps to find out any information you desire, all while eating dinner with your family.

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Let the Google Assistant help entertain guests

Google Home isn’t just a great way to control your smart home; you can also use it to control your media. Hosting a dinner party? Ask Google to turn on a playlist and adjust the lights while you greet arriving guests. When it’s time to liven up the party, your Google Assistant works with Chromecast so you can start streaming movies and music on your TV or speakers with just your voice.

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