Outdoor Camera

Keep your property safe throughout the day and night with our HD outdoor security cameras. Working with our Smart Security Pros, we will set up a high-tech camera system surrounding every part of your property or the areas you worry about the most. Whenever you want to check in on what’s happening around your home, open up your app and check your outdoor camera monitoring system. Your home security camera system’s live feed shows you what is going on around your home at any time, thanks to our HD video and infrared night vision capabilities.

360* Views

Shift between your outdoor security cameras for a complete view of the area around your home.

Remote Control

Control your entire security system remotely using our mobile app, including checking-in on your indoor and outdoor security camera images.

Phone Alerts

Receive notifications when your camera detects motion, or someone approaches your home.

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Full HD resolution

Skyline HD Outdoor Cameras are capable of 4k HDR resolution to clearly see the perimeter of your property. You will have the ability to zoom in on objects, all while maintaining an HD image. This allows you to better identify faces, license plates, and other important details for your security, day and night, all from your phone.

Watch now. Watch later.

Want to see what’s happening around your home right now? Check the live feed anytime with your Skyline Smart Home app. Or if you get busy and want to know what you missed—like who stopped by or when your packages were delivered—you can watch archived Skyline Smart Clips through your app or Skyline Smart Hub. These systems handle recording storage for you, making it easy to watch your outdoor camera’s best footage whether you’re at home or out and about.

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Professional Installation.

Smart Home Pros will sync your WiFi, outdoor camera, and Skyline Smart Home products into one complete system to provide you with an effortless smart home experience.

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